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NINGBO NEW CENTURY BEARING CO.,LTD. is one of the leading ball bearing manufacturers in China, which was established in 1987. The company is specialized in producing Deep Groove Ball Bearing, Stainless Steel Ball Bearing, Non-standard Bearing and all kinds of bearing components (including: bearing ring, shield, seal and cage). It's products are widely used in Electric Motors, Fishing Tackles, Various Household Appliances, Automobile, Power Tools, Mechanical Devices. Especially our leading products: the 608 bearing for motor of Air Conditioners and the stainless steel ball bearing for Fishing Tackles, both of which enjoy very high reputation in relative industry field

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  • Business objectives

    Based on high-tech, top-notch business

  • Business purposes

    Technology allows users to be assured that service to customer satisfaction

  • Principle of doing things

    Pragmatic without false modesty without Jiaokuang, firm and unwavering

  • Rule win

    Cooperation in the development and mutual benefit in order to survive

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